My experience

I played a lot of rounds of Among Us. I would usually do it on a call because of the pandemoic. We made a couple rules while playing this game. For example, no talking during the game, no talking when you are killed, etc.

Game Creator

The creator of this game is a company called innersloth. Innersloth has made Among Us, Dig 2 China, and The Henry Stickman Cokkection. Right now Among Us is doing really well. On September 2020 there was more than hundred million downloads

How to join

You can join Among Us in various ways. You can go Local play. This is where you can direct connect with the people near you. Also you can do online play. You can play a private game by putting in a specific code made by the host. Or you can make join a public game.


When the game starts you either get imposter or crewmate. When you become an imposter, you need to sabotage and kill crewmates without getting caught to win the game.


The other role in the game is crewmate. When you are a crewmate, you need to finish tasks or try to figure out who the imposter is so that you can eject him in a meeting.

Tips and tricks

Some tips and tricks are when there is only four people left during a solo imposter match, you need to vote someone out with evidence. If you don't vote anyone out, you can be safe for a little bit until there is three people left. When there is three people left, the game would be over if only the imposter plays smart. It is the same for two imposter game. When there is six people left, it is smart to try to vote out the imposter. If not the imposters can do a double kill if they are smart. The final trick is for the imposters. When you are the imposter and you need to kill someone, it is a great idea to vent kill. The imposters could go inside a vent and go around the map really quickly.